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The Mindset Revolution’s hope is to create a worldwide community where people feel less stressed, think more effectively and enjoy personal and professional success. Most importantly, a community where people feel truly fulfilled and smile more often. We achieve this through Life Coaching – Business Coaching – Personal & Professional Mentoring – Leadership skills  – Team Development – Masterclasses. Our range of programmes and sessions are delivered 1-2-1, online, in groups and workshops.

Don’t just dream it, be it!

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Sales Excuse No3 – The Time of the Year Myth

Sales Excuse No3 - The Time of the Year Myth  I was reading a post on LinkedIn which reminded me of how we often buy into things that are only as true as we make them. Mindset is everything. I’m referring mainly to sales or marketing myths, when we create our own...

Toffee Nosed Ginger Haired Git!

I was just watching a Derren Brown interview where he talked about his school nickname ‘Dick Head’! He made a great point. In our school days many of were not the most sporty, ‘beautiful’ or ‘cool’ kids. I didn’t spend longer than 2.5 years in any school so I was...

Why We Procrastinate (and how to stop it)

Procrastination affects pretty much every one from time to time. Some of us find it gets in the way of life, business or work. There are many reasons why we do it. This video covers the top 3 reasons most people procrastinate and how you can choose to stop it. Enjoy!

How To Manage Stress

My Journey 18 years ago I was earning 5 times the national average. I had two cars, two houses, two holidays a year and to the casual observer, an ideal life. The truth, however, was very different. I was constantly tired, always ill, and felt exhausted both...

Mindset by Carol Dwek Review

Mindset  By Carol Dwek A review by Niklas Goke.   This book about Mindset is a fabulous read. It explains the difference between having a fixed and a growth mindset, why one trumps the other, and what you can do to adopt the right one. Look at your hands. How...

Podcast – Marcus Thomlinson and Nana Akua on the BBC

What a great way to start 2019. Radio & TV presenter Nana Akua hosts a number of shows and this year kindly invited me onto her 2019 New Years Day Show. The subject, unsurprisingly, was how to have a better year. I was delighted to talk about people can develop a...

Bye Bye Black Sheep

Those of you that have worked with us before will know that the Mindset Revolution originally started life as Black Sheep Revolution. In October 2018 we decided to re brand to The Mindset Revolution. Why? Well lots of people loved the Black Sheep metaphor, but we...

Thanks Bill Gates

Thanks to Bill Gates of Microsoft and Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, for doing some advertising for me! Well, sort of...  Book your coaching session now! #coaching #businesscoaching #growthmindset #TheMindsetRevolution #billgates #ericschmidt

How To Grow Your Business – 9 Top Tips

It was a great pleasure to be invited back to SB Alliance Networking to give a talk about how to grow your business. On this occasion I thought it might be helpful to focus on real challenges that had meaning to the people in the room, so I suggested we make it more...

90% Of Small Businesses Are Breaking The Law And Don’t Realise!

I'm a member of Your Business Community and was on their web page looking to post a blog. I thought I'd read some of the posts that were there. I came across this one that began... 90% Of Small Businesses Are Breaking The Law And Don’t Realise! I assume you keep some...

Having worked with Marcus for 18 months I can absolutely recommend him as a professional business and life coach. His programmes are very well structured and he certainly helps you get REAL results. He takes you through a process that ‘just works’. He won’t let you down, I guarantee. Get ready for action…

Graham Martin

Owner, Orchard Recruitment - Enfield - UK

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There’s something about a person who lifts your spirits and makes you smile. Marcus – from The Mindset Revolution – is just such a person and attending his coaching opens your eyes and your mind to the positive in the world and how you can bring it to you, your life and your business.

Lisa Penn

Director & Designer, Penn Ink Productions - London

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