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The 7 Key Mindsets©


As part of your personal development journey we teach you the 7 Key mindsets. This means your brain will be in the very best shape to take on new ideas, coaching and training. A lot of people can waste money by trying to learn new skills when they are not in the right frame of mind or stressed and therefore quickly revert to old bad habits or negative thinking. The 7 Key Mindsets makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Super Successful

 We believe everyone has the ability to become a super successful human being. Some people need the key to unlock their latent power within. Some people benefit from breaking down barriers they have inadvertently created. Retraining your brain with powerful thinking means you can become the person you truly desire to be.

More Than Coaching

This programme will show you how to unleash your ‘best you’ through a range of personal development strategies. Our approach involves much more than just coaching. We offer a winning blend of life coaching, mentoring and training to ensure you enjoy the very best results while discovering the new you.  Get ready to embrace  the positive changes needed to achieve a future most people only dream about.

“Marcus and his team were key in helping me focus on the right goals and in bring them to fruition. His programme and delivery were both motivating and thoroughly professional throughout. I’m also now able to relax at will, which is essential in a high pressure role. I highly recommend The Mindset Revolution to anyone looking to gain more focus and develop a great clarity of vision for the future.”

Captain Richard Chadwick

Pilot, First Officer - Jet 2 - Leeds

Outcomes will vary depending on the individual needs of the participant. The most likely core outcomes from the Personal Development programme are;

  • The ability to understand, manage, and reduce negative stress.
  • Being aware of how self talk influences our attitudes and daily interactions.
  • To have an understanding of why goal setting is important and how to achieve them.
  • Be able to use visualisation techniques with clarity to positively influence future outcomes.
  • To develop your best personality traits and reframe or replace those which may be unhelpful.
  • To confidently communicate the best version of you both at a conscious and subconscious level.


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