Mindset Masterclass

A Business Growth Accelerator Programme

The Mindset Masterclass is a Business Growth Accelerator programme for like-minded entrepreneurs. The key aim of the programme is for all participants to grow personally, professionally and financially.

Each programme consists of 8 -10 businesses whose leaders are ready to work together by entering a collective bond. Everyone will therefore benefit from group and 1-2-1 coaching, mentoring and training, as well as peer to peer support and accountability. To ensure confidentiality we ask all participants to sign an non-disclosure agreement and we will abide by The Chatham House Rule to ensure privacy in all focused discussions.

On the Mindset masterclass you will meet 1 day a month. Each day is divided into 4 sections.

1.The Mindset Revolution coaching, mentoring and training programme.

  1. Feature Presentation and Speaker.
  2. Collective business focus.
  3. Accountability and Development Portal.

Additional 1-2-1 coaching will be available between meetings. All participants will enjoy 24/7 support via our unique online portal and app.

We are committed to supporting fellow members of the programme, and, as such, our robust application process ensures that you only align yourself with people who are truly committed to professional growth.

Programme Key Aims – Easy As 1,2,3!

1. To get you and your team from Fixed to Growth Mindset.

 2. To review and improve your strategy towards…

 3. To implement a personal and professional performance management system that is motivating, measurable and engaging.

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“Marcus has been mentoring me for the past 6 months. I took him on to help me through a transition stage of my business as I felt there were recurring blocks that were holding me back from getting to the next level. I’ve found him to be an invaluable support. He’s helped me drill down into my values and beliefs to make changes at the core. Plus he’s hows me accountable to putting the work into building the business and going about it in a positive and confidence way. He’s got my back and it’s really making the difference, especially through the tougher days or when facing a block that’s been there for a long time. He offers the right blend of caring and support mixed with accountability and persistence. You’re a lucky person if you can convince him to take you on for mentoring.”

Sorcha Rogers

Owner , Sorcha Ra Productions - London

Current Locations

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Membership costs between £299.00 – £499.00 per month depending on location. Additional Coaching sessions are charged separately, but discounted for members of the Mindset Masterclass programme. Please request our business coaching fees brochure via our website.

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