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Jiggle, squiggle and wiggle

  By Graham Miller of Media-Vu


You don’t have to be a sports fan to spot it. Their close ups on television are there for all to see.

If you followed Wimbledon this summer you’d have watched Rafael Nadal at it. Australian cricketer Steve Smith is another example. He’s probably the best batsman in the world right now and he does it before every ball.

“Does what,” I hear you scream? Fidget is the answer. Big time.

They twitch, touch, turn and repeat this routine to get themselves ready for action. It looks weird to you and me. But to them it’s part of their process of preparation. If they don’t do it they feel out of synch, out of touch and they know that can spell disaster. For Nadal it would mean the loss of a point. For Smith the loss of his wicket.

Psychiatrists have been studying these idiosyncrasies seemingly forever. Papers have been written. Books published. But when you boil it down it’s a personal thing. We’re all prone to little habits and foibles that we’re convinced will put us in the right frame of mind.

“Calm mind, calm body. Calm body, calm mind” is how Dr Maxwell Maltz described it. Maltz was a pioneering American cosmetic surgeon who noticed that some patients remained unhappy despite having their disfigurements altered for the better. Self-image was key he argued and not even surgery could improve it if the mind wasn’t calm and ready for change.

Our self-esteem is crucial to self-improvement. If we’re not prepared to alter our state of mind little can help us.

One way of enjoying a positive self-image is to have the respect of our peers and clients. We achieve this by hard work, dedication and the all-important personal touch that makes the difference to any relationship.

If we advertise our business or brand customers understand the process and will subconsciously lodge the information at the back of their minds should they need our product or service.

But if someone else says how good our business is, how they’ve been helped beyond expectation then our professional credibility soars. It’s always more powerful to have a third party sing our praises than it is if we do it ourselves.

This is where public relations comes in. We all have a good story to tell. Trouble is we’re working so hard we don’t realise that our daily endeavours could trigger a “wow really?” response from a third party.

And this is the cue for Media-Vu. Words have consequences. We all hear things differently because we all have different agendas. So we aim to make every word count in the way intended.

Media-Vu can help you find your story and target it in the area that’s most productive for you. A publication or news site for instance that’s popular with your prospective customers. Advertising can be scattergun as nobody’s really sure who sees it but a targeted media campaign is a more effective way of getting the results you want.

Words are everything. For example the opening of London’s Crossrail network has been delayed yet again. You could say Transport for London should rename it London’s furious rail as a result. You see why words are central to perception and understanding?

We’re paid up subscribers to the Mindset Revolution. As such we’ll offer a 10% discount to any of Marcus’s delegates who’re looking to gain positive public exposure for their companies.

This can deliver more customers. That  means a bigger turnover. And a larger turnover generates higher profits. It’s why we say, ‘profit starts with PR’.

Drop us a line at any time or pick up the phone. We’re always here to help.

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