Those of you that have worked with us before will know that the Mindset Revolution originally started life as Black Sheep Revolution. In October 2018 we decided to re brand to The Mindset Revolution.


Well lots of people loved the Black Sheep metaphor, but we decided that for a company that promotes free thinking and individuality, it was counter intuitive to potentially  label people a black sheep! As we help people develop magnificent mindsets and excel in their personal and professional lives, the new name almost chose itself. We wanted to keep the same ethos so The Mindset Revolution was born.

The Mindset Revolution

The logo also came quite naturally. The 3 success arrows moving forward from a negative, and maybe confused, ‘red mindset’ to a cool and calm ‘green for go’ mindset work really well. We hope you like the new look and feel.

The Revolution is dead, Long live the REVOLUTION!