Sales Excuse No3 – The Time of the Year Myth 

I was reading a post on LinkedIn which reminded me of how we often buy into things that are only as true as we make them. Mindset is everything. I’m referring mainly to sales or marketing myths, when we create our own barriers to success, but this mindset can apply to many aspects of life.  

We’ve all heard people talk about reasons why they are not making a sale. These can include: 

  •  It’s the wrong time of year 
  • The economy is not right 
  • My product or service is not right for this part of the country 
  • People are not buying right now 
  • There is no current interest in my product or service 

If you believe any of the above to be true, then for you, it probably is. Someone else, however, probably the top salesperson in your company, is not buying into any of these, and that person is busy making sales despite others thinking all the above.  

Let me share an example of what I mean. When I was a fresh young Financial Adviser of about 22, I’d completed my training and had been in the business for about 18 months. I was offered a job in a new company and joined them in May. I was moving from an investment company to an Independent Financial Adviser firm. I was having my induction with my new manager called Steve Cocheran. He went through all the usual orientation stuff and shared that in this industry the busiest two months are April and December. April, due to the financial year end and December as people wanted to tidy up their affairs ready for the New Year.  

I busied myself learning the ropes and began looking forward to the next busiest month, December. It was great. Business was good. When December came, sure enough, I was super busy and did about five times more business than in the previous months. I was also doing about three times more business than anyone else in the company, even though I was the new boy. Before we closed for Christmas my manager called me into his office, presented me with a bottle of champagne and a welcome bonus. He gleefully asked, “what was my secret?” “How come I had done so well in December?” I reminded him of our conversation when he employed me, and I was a little confused by his question. I reminded him that “December was one of the best two months of the year”. He looked puzzled then began to laugh. “Oh yes, I remember now”. He explained that for most people December is normally the worst month in our industry. Everyone ‘switches off’. It’s Christmas party season. No one wants to buy in December. Everyone one is either thinking of Christmas, going away on holiday or had no money.  

It turns out that around the time he employed me, my manager had been reading a book about sales strategy and mindset. One of the chapters had talked about perception being reality. How some people created limiting beliefs while others adopted winning strategies. One example was about buying into external influences or creating the influence from within. He’d decided to try it on me and forgotten that he’d planted the seed in my mind that December was a great month. Well for me, it worked. December was a great month. Even learning that for most people it wasn’t, didn’t diminish my enthusiasm for a delightful December. December remained my best month for the rest of my Financial Services career.

I had created a positive belief and it held true. Somehow knowing that other people were buying into the myth that December was a bad month, inspired me even more. Years later I heard the following quote by Henry Ford:

  “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are absolutely right.”

In once sentence, there you have it. Perception is reality. 

 So what myths are you buying into? What thinking can you change to improve your personal or rofessional development?  


If you’d like help busting unhelpful myths or you’d like to turn sales fear (by the way, fear in this context stands for False Evidence that Appears Real!) into sales success then book a consultation now by calling 0203 475 3302 or email 

Have a great day.