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Stress Is What Inspired My Coaching Journey


Well being at work is at the heart of what we do. The reason? 18 years ago I was earning 5 times the national average. I had two cars, two houses, two holidays a year and to the casual observer, an ideal life.

The truth, however, was very different. I was constantly tired, always ill, and felt exhausted both physically and mentally most of the time. Eventually I went to the doctor’s and asked him if he  could help.  After a brief diagnosis he declared that I was suffering from severe stress. I looked at him as if he was bonkers. I clenched my fists quite tightly, shook them in his general direction, and somewhat comically declared “I’m not stressed!”. Read more…

Luckily, I chose to learn more about what stress really is and what I could do to manage it.

Negative Stress Is The Silent Assassin

Regular feelings of negative stress can lead to anything from unhappy thoughts to to serious illness. Part of your journey towards developing a calm mind is knowing how calm or stressed you currently are!

Take the test and find out.

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