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Mindset is everything. If your team is not in the right head space then not much else matters. We show you how to truly engage your team, before teaching them the skills your business needs to thrive.

 In 2015 Forbes a Forbes article suggested  “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers,” and a survey by B2B marketplace Approved Index confirms that this adage is true. In its survey of 1,374 employees in the U.K., nearly half (42%) of them have left a job because of a bad boss and almost a third of them feel their current boss is a bad manager. When asked why they disliked their managers, 41% cited a lack of recognition, while 40% said they felt overworked.

It’s not that employees don’t want to get along with their boss either. The survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) said getting along with their boss helped boost their motivation and a third said a good relationship with their boss was even more important than job satisfaction.

In July 2016, a CIPD survey of multiple businesses revealed disturbing results. Around 88% of employees don’t have a passion for their work, 80% of senior managers are not truly motivated by their role, 79% of businesses felt they had a significant retention and engagement problems and 75% are struggling to attract the top people they need. Attrition costs to UK businesses billions. Calculating the cost of, recruiting, training, losing, recruiting and training again varies depending on the role and level of salary.

All this means that most UK businesses have a long way to go to engage its employees at all levels and reduce the true cost of attrition.

Find out how our team development programme can improve engagement, reduce staff turnover and increase profits 

Team Outcomes

 Outcomes will vary depending on the individual needs of the participant however some of the most likely outcomes are that people will learn to;

  • Be able to lead through inspiration.
  • Reframe unhelpful habits.
  • Communicate with team members more efficiently.
  • Work more harmoniously.
  • Increase sales consistently.
  • Learn the skills not taught to 75% of managers.
  • Want to stay with their current employer.
  • Become more aspirational.

Marcus was instrumental in helping me regain control over my daily life and my emotions. When you are bombarded with stresses and challenges it is difficult to see the wood for the trees and this is where clearly defined goal Focus, positive mental attitude training, and meditation played a huge part in helping me mould my future. Many thanks to Marcus and The Mindset Revolution for supplying me with the tools I needed to get my life & career back on track.

Des Ryan


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